24.1.2013 Puppy wishes

At the end of January Lilli was mated with handsome energetic male Pepi and we are really looking forward to this litter. More information about it at puppy page.

Maiaran Butterfly Effect & Jackxellent L'dorado

31.12.2012 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

30.12.2012 Back in business with Inka

After all the puppies have found fabulous families and moved to new homes, Inka got back to her most favorite hobby, agility. At the end of the year we start competing again and got four clean-runs. We got our first double clean-run, two clean-runs in a row on the same day :).

2.12.2012 Sissi's second Agility-CAC!!

While Inka was taking a maternity break, I got a chance to train and compete with Inka's daugher Sissi. Sissi in competing in class three, too. In the autumn we took part in 12 competitions and got 4 clean-runs and gained her second CAC out of 3 for agility champion title. Huge congratulations to Sissi's owner Päivi!!

10.11.2012 INT Show in Jyväskylä

Judge Ian Rasmussen
Maiaran Amaranthus "Masi" OPEN VG/4
Maiaran Buttefly Effect "Lilli" OPEN VG
Maiaran Castanya "Alma" INT EXC/2, CQ
Maiaran Caelia "Sade" INT VG/4

It was Masi's first show and he presented himself so handsomely and selfconfidently. Warm congratulations to the Jonna, Päivi, Jenni ja Laura :)!

26.10.2012 Eyes and knees checked

At the autumn Lilli (Maiaran Butterfly Effect), Sissi (Maiaran Aylen) and Pyry (Maiaran Adrianus) had their eyes and knees checked, all were healthy :).

FI CH Maiaran Adrianus at the age of 4,5 years

22.9.2012 D-litter at the age of 7 weeks

Teppo (f. Bolt)
Wäinö (f. Hugo)
Helmi (f. Riimu)

Ilona (f. Willa)


D-litter has now its own page with photos and pedigree. More photos of puppies can also be found on the D-litter's albums in our gallery.

19.9.2012 Happy birhtday to Eppu-Epuli-Ebedictus 12 years :)

1.9.2012 Inka's beautiful granddaughers

Inka's lovely granddaughers were at Tampere show :). Congratulations to the owners of these sweethearts!

Kairojen Matilda "Helmi" INT EXC/2, CQ
Kairojen Mandy "Pupsi" INT VG/4
Maiaran Castanya "Alma" INT EXC/3

Pupsi, Alma & Helmi

25.8.2012 Sniffing scents outdoors at the age of 3 weeks

Hugo Bolt Riimu Willa
Hugo, Bolt, Riimu & Willa

Welho Wili Ruu
Welho, Wili & Ruu

11.8.2012 D-litter one week old :)

Wili, Welho, Hugo, Ruu, Riimu, Willa & Bolt

4.8.2012 D-litter saw the daylight

Inka gave birth to 5 handsome boys and 2 beautiful girls. She had an easy delivery. Puppies' birth weights varied between 177 and 218 g. Devouted mom and puppies are feeling very well.

Litter's dam Inka is 6-years-old, very open and good-natured. She has a couple of rec-cac from shows, but a passion of her life is agility. She is competing in its highest level (class 3) and has achieved so far one agility-cac. Sire of the litter is Wesse (Amories Wild West Jack). He is 4-years-old, happy, open-minded, handsome and has been very successful in shows (multichampion). Both parents of this litter has been eyes and knees checked as healthy this year. Litter's pedigree can be seen on litter's own page.

Bolt (boy)
Hugo (boy)

Riimu (girl)
Willa (girl)

Ruu (boy)
Wili (boy)

Welho (boy)

14.7.2012 Show in Forssa

There was an extreme summer weather of heavy rain and thunderstorm. We are happy that our boys presented themselves well despite the weather. Thanks and congratulations to the owners Sonja and Hannele :)!

Maiaran Break The Ice OPEN VG
Maiaran Beyond The Horizon OPEN EXC

Romeo (Maiaran Beyond The Horizon), age 2y 2months

12.7.2012 Jalo

We met Jalo (Maiaran Camelot) and he has grown into a handsome young man. Jalo is good natured, smooth-coated, 28 cm high, sturdy bodied, strong-headed & -tailed.

Jalo (Maiaran Camelot), age 1y 3months

3.7.2012 Summer time

Water animal Inka
Inka in her element

Male model Eppu :)
Eppu at the age of 12 years

Lilli (Maiaran Butterfly Effect)
Three generations: Alma, Sissi & Inka

1.7.2012 Sade in agility competition "Agirotu"

Sade (Maiaran Caelia) took part in unofficial agility competion of breed teams. The team Sade entered ”Rio Russellsons” came third. Congratulations Sade & Jenni and all the rest in the team. More news of Sade can be found in her own blog.

Photos: Inka Räsänen

17.6.2012 Greetings from Robin

Maiaran Believe In Magic, photos: Eeva Lehto

13.6.2012 Luca's puppies

Luca's (Maiaran Break The Ice) knees and eyes were checked as healthy in april :). In the summer handsome Luca got his first offspring with Saima (Kinapak Nar Carrabulone), litter of 4 boys and 2 girls. Warm congratulations to Luca's owner Sonja and litter's breeder Jenni, kennel Ähäkutti :)!

Maiaran Break The Ice, age 2

10.6.2012 Show in Kangasniemi

Judge Astrid Lundava
Maiaran Beneath My Wings "Rico" OPEN EXT/3
Maiaran Break The Ice "Luca" OPEN EXT/2, CQ
Maiaran Buttefly Effect "Lilli" OPEN VG
Maiaran Castanya "Alma" JUN EXT/2, CQ, BF3
Maiaran Caelia "Sade" JUN EXT/3, CQ
Kennel Maiaran BOB-BREEDER 1, HP

It was a wonderful day! Huge thanks and warm congratulations to the owners :). You made it possible to enter Maiaran's first group in breeder class!

Maiaran Caelia, Castanya, Break The Ice & Beneath My Wings (photo: Heljä Kiviniitty)

4.6.2012 Masi and Rico in Match Shows

Inka's sons Masi and Rico, normally seen in agility fields, both entered unofficial show rings this summer. It was a promising start :). Congratulations to the owners and good luck for the next time!

Maiaran Amaranthus, age 4
Maiaran Beneath My Wings, age 2

19.5.2012 Inka's great agility spring and first Agility-CAC!!

We got our first agility-CAC and need two more to achieve agility jump champion title. Warm thanks for this multitalented girl to Inka's breeder Sari, kennel Kairojen, <3!

Inka's results, class mini 3:
19.05. Tampere, Anne Viitanen, result 0, time -4,48, rank 2.
15.05. Lempäälä, Asko Jokinen, result 0, time -3,18, rank 3.
01.04. Hyvinkää, Tuija Kokkonen, result 0, time -2,08, rank 4.
24.03. Hausjärvi, Harri Huittinen, results 0, time -5,24, rank 2., CAC
17.03. Kirkkonummi, Kari Jalonen, result 0, time -4,27, rank 5.
04.03. Lempäälä, Marjo Heino, result 0, time -3,10, rank 2.

12.5.2012 Tampere INT

Judge Harry Vella
Maiaran Caelia "Sade" JUN EXC/4
Maiaran Castanya "Alma" JUN EXC

Sisters Maiaran Caelia & Castanya, age 1 year

6.5.2012 Sissi got clean run in 3-class

Warm congratulations Sissi and skilled handler/owner Päivi :)!

15.3.2012 Maiaran A-litter 4 years

FI CH Maiaran Adrianus, M. Adamus, M. Archer, M. Aylen, M. Amaranthus & M. Aurelie

6.3.2012 Inka's son Arska

Maiaran Archer (age 4)
Arska with mom

26.2.2012 Winter games

Lilli (Maiaran Butterfly Effect)
Inka and her granddaughter Alma

Eppu's daughter Minni
Flying Inka

Rolling on the ice

25.2.2012 Sissi's first Agility-CAC!!

We were competing in Hyvinkää with Inka and Sissi. Mother and daughter are competing both in 3-class. Sissi beat her mom, got a clean-run with victory in 3-class gaining her first CAC out of 3 for agility champion title. Huge congratulations to Sissi's owner Päivi!!

At the same day Sissi's daughter Sade (Maiaran Caelia) made a fine debute in Tuusniemi show resulting excellent. Congratulaitons Jenni & Päivi!

21.1.2012 Show in Kokkola

Judge Maija Mäkinen

Maiaran Castanya "Alma" JUN EXC/4
Maiaran Butterfly Effect "Lilli" INT VG/1
Eppu VET VG/1

21.1.2012 Healthy knees and eyes

Inka (Kairojen Briina) and her daughter Sissi (Maiaran Aylen) went to the vet and their eyes and knees were checked again as healthy. Inka is almost 6 years old and Sissi is 4.

17.12 Our first clean run in 3-class with Inka

Lempäälä, judge Henri Luomala: result 0, time -5,45, rank 2

Photos from year 2008, photo: Kari Kuuttila

1.11 Arska visiting us

Maiaran Archer (age 3,5)

31.10 Minni joined the Maiaran team

I just couldn't pass up the chance to have Eppu's daughter, so little Nicola "Minni" joined our team. Minni is like her father very agile, energetic and loves to play. Minni is placed with my friend's family :).

1.10 Show in Tuulos

50 JRTs in the ring. Lilli and Luca were placed in their class. Lilli got also CQ and was Best Female 4 :). Eppu was BOB-VET :). Thanks to you all for a lovely day!

Maiaran Aylen OPEN VG
Maiaran Beyond The Horizon INT S
Maiaran Break The Ice JUN EXC/3
Maiaran Butterfly Effect JUN EXC/2, CQ, BF4

Judge Anne Sume, Eppu's critique
11 years old veteran in excellent condition. Good propotions, good expression, head is a little bit light, too light ears, good neck, topline, tailset, balanced angulations, moves and shows briskly.

Maiaran Butterfly Effect
Maiaran Break The Ice

25.9 Alma at Puppy Show

There were 9 jack russells at a puppy show in Tampere. Alma presented herself beautifully, was placed second female puppy and got a HP :). Warm congrats to Päivi!!

Judge Juha Putkonen
Maiaran Castanya, HP, Best Female Puppy 2


11.9 Eppu fathered six girls

Eppu and Jippu got six beautiful puppies :). Congrats to breeder Marja Manninen!

Week after puppies were born, still youthful Eppu celebrated his 11th birthday and birthdayboy still loves to play like he always has :)!

Puppies 4 weeks

10.9 Match Show in Tampere

Alma and Eppu were in Match Show and both got red ribbon :). Eppu was also Best Veteran, Day's Oldest Veteran and BIS4 :).


8.9 Yay, Sissi to third class in agility!!

Sissi's (Maiaran Aylen) success in agility fields has been both impressive and speedy. Agile and energetic Sissi started to compete in the summer of 2010, rose to second class the same autumn, next spring had a litter and is now competing in higher competition class :). Hugs and congrats to the first Maiaran jack russell in 3-class and her owner/handler Päivi :)!

13.8 Tampere, judge Tuomo Pajari, result 0, time -4,50, rank 1,
13.8 Tampere, judge Tuomo Pajari, result 5, time -3,27, rank 1
3.9 Ylöjärvi, judge Johanna Wüthrich, rusult 5, time -2,65, rank 2
3.9 Ylöjärvi, judge Sari Mikkilä, result 0, time -7,98, rank 1,
8.9 Lempäälä, Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen, result 5, time -2,87, rank 7
8.9 Lempäälä, Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen, result 0, time -6,18, rank 1, AGI CERT -> 3-CLASS

Maiaran Aylen

13.8 Show in Valkeakoski, Pyry is Finnish Champion !!

There were 22 russells and the results were magnificent. The first Maiaran jack russell to become Finnish Champion! Huge congratulations to the family of handsome Pyry :). In addition to this both Lilli and Luca got CQs. The breeder was overjoyed :). Warm congrats to Sonja and Laura too!

Maiaran Adrianus OPEN EXC/1, CQ, BM2, CAC -> FI CH
Maiaran Break The Ice JUN EXC/2, CQ
Maiaran Butterfly Effect JUN EXC/2, CQ


9.7 Show in Hyvinkää

29 jack russells were entered in Hyvinkää. This was the first time alltogerher four Maiaran jack russells were presented at the same show. It was a shame the breeder forgot enter beforhand to breeder class, so we could'n present breeder class even if all four got excellents and class placements. Warm thanks and congrats to Pyry's Sara, Romeo's Hannela, Luca's Sonja and Lilli's Laura. Special thanks to Sari for handling!

Maiaran Adrianus INT EXC/2
Maiaran Beyond The Horizon JUN EXC/2
Maiaran Break The Ice JUN EXC/3
Maiaran Butterfly Effect JUN EXC/3

Luca, Maiaran Break The Ice

18.6 Show in Riihimäki

It was Lilli's first official dog show and it was a promising start! 37 jack russells were entered and Lilli was Best Female 4, RE-CAC :). Congratulatios Lilli & Laura and Romeo & Hannele!

Maiaran Beyond The Horizon JUN VG
Maiaran Butterfly Effect JUN EXC/1, CQ, BF4, RE-CAC

Maiaran Butterfly Effect
Maiaran Beyond The Horizon

7.6.2011 Bon voyage puppies!

Time flies when you're having fun. Early this summer it was time for puppies to move on and we wish all the best for them and their families :). Photos of the puppies have been added to the gallery and to C-puppies' own page.

Before puppies were ready to leave, they were microchipped and health checked. Because Alma-puppy wasn't reacting to sounds like the rest, the entire litter was also BAER-tested. Alma was found deaf and her sister Sointu hears only with one ear. Active and fearless Alma found best possible home and now lives with her mom Sissi and her family. Huge and warm thanks to family Mäkinen for their excellent co-operation with Sissi's litter :)!!


27.5.2011 Puppy action

Puppies are now 7 weeks old. Their daily programme is made up of...


...playing with mom
...playing with gran

...affection :)

More photos of these cuties in gallery.

17.5.2011 Puppies 6 weeks old

Oiva, Mairan Castiel
Jalo, Maiaran Camelot

Sointu, Maiaran Caprica
Alma, Maiaran Castanya

Sade, Maiaran Caelia
Visa, Mairan Constantine



3.5.2011 Puppies 4 weeks old

All puppies are doing fine and so is their mom Sissi, who has proved to be an excellent mom. Puppies grow up guickly and all of them weigh now over one kilogram. They have learn so far how to walk, play, bark, snarl, kiss, wag a tail and charm the breeder :).




25.4.2011 Puppies 3 weeks old




22.4.2011 Lahti Int

Three sons of Inka were in Lahti Int dog show, where 82 jack russells were entered. This was a first official show for Romeo and Luca. All three boys performed really nicely. Congrats to families of the handsome boys :)!

Maiaran Adrianus INT ECX4, CQ
Maiaran Beyond The Horizon JUN EXC4
Maiaran Break The Ice JUN EXC

5.4.2011 Sissi's puppies are here

Sissi and Rommi got three lovely girls and three charming boys :).

Oiva (boy)
Sade (girl)

Alma (girl)
Sointu (girl)

Jalo (boy)
Visa (boy)

11.3.2011 Trimming Romeo

Romeo from B-litter was visiting us and got hair trimming as well. Romeo's brother Luca also come to see us and his brother. Below a photo of Romeo after trimming and an other photo of handsome look-alike brothers.

Romeo, Maiaran Beyond The Horizon
Romeo, Maiaran Beyond The Horizon
Maiaran Break The Ice & Maiaran Beyond The Horizon
Luca & Romeo

Year 2011

In the early February Sissi (Maiaran Aylen) was mated with Rommi (Knöttelitens Orange Spicer), a handsome and well-behaved import male from Norway. Pedigree of the puppies can be viewed here. We are looking forward to the puppies to be born early april. If you are interested, please take contact for more information :).

Rommi, Knottelitens Orange Spicer Sissi, Maiaran Aylen

At the end of January Inka's son Arska was visiting us for a couple of days. It was really nice to see him and I think he too loved this holiday :). Arska had dates with lovely jack russell girl Tähti. Before the dates Arska's knees and eyes were checked as healthy. Last year Arska's sisters Olivia (Maiaran Aurelie) and Sissi (Maiaran Aylen) were also knee and eye checked with no indications of any disease.

Arska, Maiaran Archer

Below Inka with her daughter Lilli and on the other photo Lilli's brother Luca :).

Lilli & Inka
Lilli & Inka
Luca, Maiaran Break The Ice
Luca, Maiaran Break The Ice

Past news

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