Year 2010

It was way too long since pages were last updated. So, here's a recap of the second half of year 2010.

News of Inka and A-litter
After the puppy break Inka returned to the agility fields. In a competition held in Tampere 25.9 Inka got her last clean run and along with that a ticket to the third agility competition class. Super! Warm thanks to Inka's breeder, our coaches and training friends.

Inka's daughter Sissi, Maiaran Aylen, has also shined on agility fields. Sissi and her handler Päivi got three clean runs in first class in very short time period and they moved to the second competition class. Warm congratulations :)! We are very proud of you.

Inka's son Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus, had a great time in dog shows in the fall. In Helsinki Pyry was BEST MALE 4, in Porvoo he was BEST MALE 2 and got CAC. Warm congratulations to handsome Pyry and his family :)!

Sissi, Maiaran Aylen
Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus

Pyry's puppies have also had success in dog shows. In Finnish Jack Russell Terrier Special Show Jackxellent Hundred Volts and Jackxellent Hefty Shock were placed in their female puppy class. In Norway a brother of theirs, Jackxellent High Voltage, was 8 times BOB-puppy, 3 times BIS3-puppy and one time even BIS1-puppy. Warm congratulations to the breeder Jouni and to puppies' families :).

First litter of Inka's daughter Olivia (Maiaran Aurelie) was born on November. Sire of this lovely litter, four males and three females, was Rasse (Saltisgårdens Space Boss). Congratulation to the breeder Sari kennel Kairojen and Olivia's family!

Litter of Olivia and Rasse

News of B-litter
At the end of September we had a puppy get-together with kennels Kairojen and Let's Rock. Five of our B-puppies were able to come into the action day. Warm thanks to all for a wonderful day and for a great picnic once again :). Special thanks to Sari for all the arrangements!

Maiaran B-pennut
Luca, Romeo, Lilli, Robin & Milo

At the end of November a puppy show was held in Tampere. Five puppies of B-litter were able to participate. All performed nicely. Romeo was chosen as the best male puppy and kennel Maiaran as BOB-breeder. Congratulations and thanks to all puppies' families :)!

27.11.2010 Tampere, judge Jetta Tschokkinen
Maiaran Beyond The Horizon babyclass male 1, HP, BEST MALE 1, BOS-PUPPY
Maiaran Break The Ice babyclass male 2, HP
Maiaran Believe In Magic babyclass male 4
Maiaran Beneath My Wings babyclass male
Maiaran Butterfly Effect babyclass female 4
kennel Maiaran HP, BOB-BREEDER

Lilli, Maiaran Butterfly Effect
Lilli, Maiaran Butterfly Effect
Romeo, Maiaran Beyond The Horizon
Romeo, Maiaran Beyond The Horizon

Newsflash of Eppu's end of the year
Eppu, young at heart but veteran by age, was in a couple of dog shows at fall. In Tampere 54 jack russells were entered, Eppu got EXC and was among five best dogs. In Tuulos 58 jack russells were entered. Eppu was again his brisk himself, got EXC, won two other veterans and was BOB-VET.

Tampere 4.9.2010 Yolanda Nagler
Veteran class EXC/1, BOB-VET
Excellent type, beautiful head, round eyes. Excellent topline, tailset & carriage. Well angulated front and behind. Excellent temperament. Well presented. 10 years old.

Tuulos 9.10.2010 Julija Aidietiene
Veteran class EXC/1, BOB-VET
Balanced lovely male for his age. Typical head. Good proportioned. Correct body & construction for his age. Well set tail. Sound movement. Good drive. Excellent coat.

Yes, it's unbelievable but true, Eppu really is 10 years old. He has a birthday on September 19. Luckily the age doesn't show much yet and Eppu is having the time of his life :).

Eppu Eppu

Eppu's eyes were checked in August and there were no indications of any hereditary diseases. Eppu was also DNA tested and found Clear of PLL gene mutation that causes the disease Primary Lens Luxation.

The highlight of Eppu's year was dates with two lovely girls. Pups of Wimma and Eppu were born on October 22, one girl & one boy. Unfortunately the boy was lost after a couple of days. Pups of Sera and Eppu were born on December 22, two girls & two boys. Warm congratulation to the both breeders :)!

And then there are some sad news to tell, Eppu's parents departed to Rainbow Bridge at the age of 12 years. You will be missed.

Eppu's sire Maxi 12 y. Eppu's dam Mona 12 y.

15.7.2010 B-puppies leaving us
And so came the time to let the puppies move to the new homes. We wish all the best for all of them and their families :).

Photos of the puppies have been added to the gallery and to B-puppies' own page.

Lilli ja Inka
Lilli with her mom Inka
Rasse isä, Lilli, Luca & Milo
Rasse with his kids Lilli, Luca & Milo

14.6.2010 B-puppies 4-weeks-old
Ruben Roope RicoRuben, Roope, Rico

Romeo Ronja RobinRomeo, Ronja, Robin

29.5.2010 Pyry's puppies
We heard great news from Norway. Muru's and Pyry's puppy Paavo (Jackxellent High Voltage) has had a great success in puppyshows. This time he was BOB, BOG & BIS3. Gongratulations to breeder Jouni and Paavo's family :)!

Below charming Paavo, his sweet sister Hertta and their sire Pyry (Maiaran Adrianus) :).

Paavo, Jackxellent High Voltage Hertta, Jackxellent Hefty Shock Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus

These regars photos we got from Soile, kennel Entre Nous. Pii's and Pyry's lovely puppies at the age of 9 weeks.

Midas, Entre Nous Midas Myy, Entre Nous Medeia

17.5.2010 B-litter born :)
Inka and Rasse (Saltisgårdens Space Boss) got five boys and one girl puppy. Robin and Ronja are white/tan, all the others tricolours. Puppies' birth weights were between 215 and 263 g. Inka has been an excellent, caring and tender, mom :).

Rico (boy)
Robin (boy)

Romeo (boy)
Ronja (girl)

Roope (boy)
Ruben (boy)

25.3.2010 Pyry as a father for the second time
Pii (Entre Nous Elecktra) and Pyry (Maiaran Adrianus) got a litter of two girls and one boy, unfortunately the other girl didn't make it through the delivery. Warm congratulations for the beautiful girl and handsome boy to Soile, kennel Entre Nous and to Pyry's family :)! Below the puppies at five weeks old.

Pyry-Pii pups

20.3.2010 Get-together of kennels Kairojen, Maiaran & Multakirsun
At this time our common get-together was held in agility arena in Nokia. About 30 jack russells were able to participate and make an acquaintance with the agility obstacles. Warm thanks to all for a wonderful day and for a great picnic once again :).

At the top left Inka's son Arska & at the right Inka's brother Leo. At the bottom left Inka's daughters Olivia & Sissi, at the right Inka's stepsister Nopsa :).

Arska, Maiaran Archer Leo, Kairojen Bruuno

Sissi, Maiaran Aylen Nopsa, Kairojen Auriina

15.3.2010 Sweethearts :) :)
Inka has been dating her latest fiance Rasse (Saltisgårdens Space Boss). The results of these amorous escapades are to be expected around mid may. Pedigree of the puppies can be viewed here. Both parents are well behaved, open minded and active jack russells. From the shows Inka has got two res-CACs and Rasse has two CACs. Inka's favorite hobby is agility and at the moment we are competing in 2nd class. In addition to shows Rasse takes interest in blood tracking and currently holds one test result in this field. Inka is 29 cm of hight and Rasse 28 cm. They both have white/tan broken coat. Inka & Rasse have been eye and knee checked as healthy.

Maiaran puppies will be registered in Finnish Kennel Club, dewormed, provided with veterinary health certificate and ID-marked by a microchip.

If you are interested, please take contact for more information!

Inka, Kairojen Briina Rasse, saltisgårdens Space Boss

Rasse & Inka

15.3.2010 Warm congratulations to 2-year-old Maiaran A-litter!
Maiaran A-pentue

10.3.2010 Great health results
Inka's eyes were checked once again with desired results, no indications of any eye diseases. At the same occasion Inka's dam's eyes were declared healthy at the age of 7 years.

Inka's sire and dam's parents have been dna-tested and cleared of primary lens luxation. Therefore Inka is also clear of PLL. A-litter's sire's (Boldandbrainy With Much Ado) parents have been tested clear of PLL, which mean that whole A-litter is as well clear of this gene. The sire of Inka's upcoming B-litter, Saltisgårdens Space Boss (aka Rasse), is tested as clear of PLL and so B-litter will also be clear of the PLL-gene.

10.2.2010 Pyry became a father
Inka become a grandma, when Pyry (Maiaran Adrianus) and Muru (Glamorous Gladys of Jack’s Paradise) got a beutiful litter with two boys and three girls. Congratulations to Jouni kennel Jackxellent and Pyry's family!

Pups of Muru & Pyry

1.2.2010 Snow fun :)
Pyry having fun with snow at the top row pictures. Below also snow games in Masi's and Sissi's style. Pictures of snowy adventures of Inka and Eppu to be found in gallery.

Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus

Masi, Maiaran Amaranthus Sissi, Maiaran Aylen

1.1.2010 Winter
Winter Winter Winter

5.12.2009 Agility: Second clean run in 2nd class
Place Seinäjoki, class mini 2, judge Mika Moilanen, time -13,92 s, result 0, rank 2

31.10.2009 Second generation in agility courses
Agility has become a passion also for some of Inka's puppies :). Below a picture of Inka's daugher Sissi in action. The second picture is of Eppu in the wilderness by the fireside.

Sissi Eppu 9v

25.10.2009 Excellent brothers
At the dog show in Tuulos 60 jack russell were entered and among them were brothers Arska and Pyry. They did great! This was Arska's first dog show. Warm congratulations to both handsome guys and their families :)!

Judge Astrid Lundava
Maiaran Archer 'Arska' Intermediate Class EXC/1, BEST MALE 4
Maiaran Adrianus 'Pyry' Intermediate Class EXC/2

Maiaran Archer & Adrianus Maiaran Archer

21.10.2009 Fanfare of autumn colours
Stars in the pictures are Inka, Eppu and Inka's daugher Sissi.

Kairojen Briina Eppu, Inka & Sissi

b Sissi, Inka & Eppu Maiaran Aylen

19.9.2009 Congrats to Eppu 9 years old!
Below Eppu having fun with his birthday present :). At the bottom right Inka's son Arska putting on his best performance.

Eppu 9 v Eppu 9 v

Eppu 9 v Arska, Maiaran Archer

6.9.2009 Agility with Inka: More clean runs!
With second clean run with victory we got a ticket to the second competition class. At the next day we got another clean run with victory, third in a row. Really great job Inka!

5.9.2009 Class mini 1, judge Marja Lahikainen
Course C: time -10,23 s, result 0, rank 1, CERT -> 2nd class :)

6.9.2009 Class mini 2, judge Johanna Nyberg
Course D: time -6,20 s, result 0, rank 1

Inka & agilityserti
Inka with her agility certificate

29.8.2009 A common get-together of kennels Kairojen and Maiaran
We had a wonderful day together with 30 jack russells. I was very pleased that all Inka's puppies had a chance to take apart in the event. The siblings were a year and half old. In addition to socialicing we had a first aid lecture, a delicious picnic and all dogs had a possibility to try to race after lure and complete some agility obstacles. Warm thanks to all participants, to Kiiki for the lecture and special thanks to breeder friend Sari for hosting the event!

Inka & A-puppies
Maiaran A-litter with their dam: Arska, Olivia, Sissi, Inka, Pyry, Masi ja Uuno :)

Masi, Maiaran Amaranthus Uuno, Maiaran Adamus

Arska, Maiaran Archer Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus
Brothers: Masi, Uuno, Arska & Pyry

22.8.2009 Our first clean run with victory!
At an agility competition in Orivesi we got our second clean run (one with no faults) and this time we won our class :). At the second course of the day we had to start over the weave poles, so we got 5 fault points from that, but we were placed the second in our class.

Below a picture of Inka in an agility competition and a picture of Inka and her puppies Arska, Olivia and Sissi taken on a walk in a forest.

Inka Olivia, Arska, Inka & Sissi

9.8.2009 Wonderful weekend!
On saturday we were at an agility competition with great results. Inka got her first agility result without any faults. Time was 11,09 seconds under standard course time and we were placed second :).

On sunday we were at dog show in Honkajoki. Inka got excellent, won open class and was finally BEST FEMALE 2 with RES-CAC :). Inka's daughers Sissi ja Olivia got 'good' in junior class. The judge was Tino Pehar.

Inka had her birthday last month and to celebrate the occasion allow us to present you Inka, first, at the age of 3 months followed by a picture taken on her 3th birthday :).

Inka 3 months Inka 3 years

2.8.2009 Summer news
The shows results of Inka and Pyry:

4.7.2009 Tuusula, judge Svante Frisk
Kairojen Briina OPEN CLASS EXC/2
Maiaran Adrianus JUN CLASS EXC/2, BEST MALE 3

5.7.2009 Hyvinkää, judge Francesco Cochetti

11.7.2009 Helsinki, Special Show, judge Päivi Eerola
Kairojen Briina OPEN CLASS G

11.7.2009 Helsinki, Special Show, judge Kari Järvinen

There are new pictures of Inka's offspring and of our summer trips in photo gallery :). Here are Inka's lovely daughers Sissi ja Olivia at the age of year and 4 months.

Sissi, Maiaran Aylen Olivia, Maiaran Aurelie

7.6.2009 Dog shows in Salo and Tuuri
We had a excellent day in Salo :). The jugde was Tanya Alhman-Stockmari. Inka got EXC and was 2nd in open class. Inka's son Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus, was at his third show. He won his junior class, was BEST MALE 1, BOS and got CAC! Huge congratulations to Sara & Eero :)! The breeder of Maiaran russells is overwhelmingly happy about this first CAC of Maiaran russells :).

The next day there was a show in Tuuri. The jugde was Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki. Inka got EXC and was at this time 3rd in open class.

Pyry's critique
Very masculine with right proportions. Strong neck, good skull. Correct earset, correct head proportions. Good strong wide forehead. Body and limb bones fits to the size. Balanced angulations. Good tail. Good muscle condition. Correct coat texture. Good temperament. Balanced movements.

Pyry Best Male, CC, BOS Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus

31.5.2009 Kennel Maiaran
Let me present, Kennel Maiaran :)! We finally got a kennel name from Finnish Kennel Club after a long waiting. Name Maiaran comes from my desire to find an American Indian name that captures one essential characteristic of this breed. I searched trough American Indian glossaries and found a word Maiara, which means 'wise' in Tupi language and that name appealled to me :). So, here are the first puppies of kennel Maiaran in DogNet database.

At the end of the month Inka took part in two agility competions. In both of them, Inka well passed the minimum defined standards for time, but got a few faults. Nevertheless, we were placed second at the first competition.

Inka was also in a dog show in Mänttä. The judge were Marja Salminen. Inka got EXC, was 2nd in open class and BEST FEMALE 4 :).

Here are pictures of the awarded agility-racer Inka, our stone rollin' russells and Eppu feeling tempted to snatch cones from a garden flower arragement :).


Stones huggers Eppu

17.5.2009 Lahti & Varkaus
25.4 Lahti, judge Jean-Jacques Dupas
Kairojen Briina OPEN CLASS EXC

17.5.2009 Varkaus, judge Ekaterina Bauzhes
Kairojen Briina OPEN CLASS EXC/3

What a surprise :)! We are so proud of our youthful veteran, who performs so nicely and got such a success in this show. Below are few pictures of Eppu at the age of 8 years and 8 months.


15.3.2009 A-litter one year old
Times really fly by :). Congratulations to all our one-year-old puppies! Here are couple of new pictures of the siblings Masi, Pyry, Uuno ja Sissi :). More pictures of them are found in gallery.

Masi Pyry

Uuno Sissi

14.2.2009 Happy Valentine's day
Valentine's Day

8.2.2009 Int show in Turku
Inka's son Pyry was in his first official show and we are very happy about the result. 63 Jack Russells were entered, of which 27 were males. Pyry showed nicely, got EXC and was placed second in junior class.

Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus

13.11.2008 Arska visiting us
Inka's son Arska was visiting us for a couple of days. Together we were in turn visiting kennel Kairojen, which has G-puppies ready for their new homes. Arska was feeling like a giant when playing with the little ones :).

Arska, Sampo ja Sisu Arska

28.9.2008 Puppy show in Orivesi
Inka's daughters were at their first show at the age of six months. They were presenting nicely :).

Sissi Olivia & Inka

13.9.2008 Show in Helsinki
Judge Marja Salminen
Kairojen Briina OPEN CLASS VG/3

Inka was taking part for the thirth time in kennel Kairojen's breeder group. As before, the group's result was again very successful, best group in breed with honour prize. Congratulations to breeder Sari :)! The others in the group were Frodo (Kairojen Daniel), Nuka (Kairojen Daisy) and Bruuno (Kairojen Dorian).

Kairojen team

Below a picture of Inka playing with her son Arska and another picture of Eppu & Inka during an autumn walk in a forest.

Arska & Inka Eppu & Inka

30.8.2008 Terri-Eri show
What a great day in Terrier's Special Show in Helsinki. The judge was Irina Poletaeva and 73 jack russells were entered. Inka got EXC and was 3rd in her class. Inka's son Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus, was at his first show in puppy class. Total number of puppies were 17. Pyry won his class (puppies 5-7 months) and was placed 1st as the best male puppy with honour prize and BOS-puppy :). Congratulations to Pyry and his family :)!

Pyry's critique:
Promising puppy. Well developed for his age. Excellent bones. Correct proportions. A bit round skull. Scissors bite. Excellent topline and tail carriage. Well angulated front and behind. Excellent temperament and presentation.

BOS- ja BOB-puppy Pyry, Maiaran Adrianus

24.8.2008 Shows in August
Inka has had a great time in shows and we are very happy about it :).

10.8.2009 Helsinki, judge Colette Muldoon

24.8.2009 Helsinki, judge Astrid Aas-Lundava

Couple of pictures from the Helsinki show below.

Inka, Kairojen Briina Inka, Kairojen Briina

7.8.2008 Inka in agility competitions
Inka has started competing in agility in class mini 1.

Inka agikisoissa Inka agikisoissa

10.5.2008 Bon Voyage puppies!
Puppies are leaving to their new homes and we wish all the best for their new families! We will miss them greatly.

All together