Lilli Maiaran Butterfly Effect

Syntymäaika: 17.5.2010
Karva: puolikarkea
Väri: valko-ruskea
Korkeus: 27-28 cm
Silmä- ja polvitarkastus: OK 09/2012
Pentueet: E-pentue

Lilli sijoitusperheensä kuvailemana:

"She might not be great in size, but when it comes to character she rocks the charts. This wee furry creature certainly lives up to her name (butterfly effect) as she has managed to turn at least one life upside down and the ripple effect is felt by many. In many ways she is the stereotypical terrier with seemingly endless energy, quick wit and occasional plain maddening stubborness -not to mention some compulsive obsessive tendencies when it comes to terrorizing squirrels, mice, rabbits and almost any unfortunate furry food source available, especially her favourite brother Luca.

Yes, theatrical she may be (try stepping anywhere near those toes) and sometimes even a bit whimsical and mischievous (now how does one do yoga with a terrier jumping on top of one's belly?) but never boring and always throroughly lovable and frisky. Her favourite passions are as variable as she is, ranging from footballs to grilled chicken and from watching tv to falling asleep to the sound of whales ...Not to mention a rather worrysome and potentially lethal attraction to chocolate and body lotions. She's warm, fuzzy and cuddly, but only on occasion (mostly early mornings and late evenings or when you're eating something juicy) and ONLY when it suits her ...although she is quite generous with sloppy kisses. For the most part this particular canine specimen is fearless but with a healthy dose of suspicion and caution. In other words, she's pretty brave but if worse comes to worst will probably let humans do the fighting (and that, hopefully, we'll never have to find out)."

Kolme sukupolvea: Takana Lilli, edessä Lillin Aisla-tytär & Inka-emä

4.2.2012 Keuruu, tuomari Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari
Feminiininen, hyvänkokoinen narttu, jolla oikeat rungon mittasuhteet ja ylälinja. Erinomainen pigmentti. Oikeat pään linjat. Hyvä eturinta. Upea karvapeite. Tasapainoiset kulmaukset. Liikkuu hyvin edestä, toivoisin hieman jäntevämmät takaliikkeet.

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