Inkan nassu Name: FI ACH-J, EE, LV, LT & BALT VCH Kairojen Briina
Born: 3.7.2006
Coat: slightly broken
Colour: white/tan
Height and weight: 29 cm / 7,5 kg
Knees checked: OK -08, -12
Eyes checked: OK -08, -09, -10, -12, -14
Clear of Primary Lens Luxation
Breeder: Sari Hannula, Kennel Kairojen
Litters: A-litter, B-litter & D-litter

Inka at DogNet database

Inka is a sweetheart of our family. She is happy and friendly by nature. She loves to give generous kisses and has a funny habit to wag her tail as well as her bottom when she gets excited. Inka worships her "big brother" Eppu, likes children a lot, adores grannies and gets along fine with everybody else. She is very eager for many hobbies. Most of all she loves agility and with an extra treat she is very easily motivated almost for everything. Inka has a natural passion for juicy rabbits, sneaky mice and a knack for gardening (in other words digging holes).

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